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Mixing Jesus With Everything Else

December 14, 2009 1 comment

We are currently making our way through Colossians on Sunday morning.  It was written to a group of people who are being misled by false teachers.  Those teachers seem to have taken a mish-mash of religious belief and combined it with what they had learned from their original teacher, Epaphras.  Maybe Colossians seems irrelevant to some, but it turns out that such mish-mash thinking is very common to us today.  And probably right here in my church.

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The Glory of God

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Chris Brauns has a very helpful post today on the glory of God.  I can’t introduce the topic any better than he does, so here are his words:

What is meant by the “glory of God”?  Can you write down a definition?

I remember having to do just that for a sermon from John 17 once, so after I read Chris’ (incredibly helpful) post and went back and reflected on it.  Here’s some more from Chris: Read more…

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Review of “The God I Don’t Understand”

July 28, 2009 1 comment

I recently read Christopher J. H. Wright’s book The God I Don’t Understand and I found it very helpful.  In fact, I used his conclusions from the first section in the wrap-up to my sermon this last Sunday.  Now, here is a review from Christianity Today that will help convince you to read it.  And six more reasons from me on why you should read it (and you really, really should):

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Jesus: An Ordinary Guy (continued)

This week Koinonia completed its short series on Jesus’ humanity.  Here are the final two posts:

Jesus: An Ordinary Guy

Here are the second and third posts from Koinonia about the significance of Jesus’ humanity:

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Jesus: An Ordinary Guy

Yesterday at GLBC we spent time interacting with Matthew 13:53-58.  This brief narrative reveals something very important about Jesus: those who lived with him and his family for 30 years in Nazareth saw him as an ordinary guy.  Far from being heretical, it is absolutely necessary that we see Jesus as an ordinary guy.  Why?  First, for our salvation: “the unassumed is unhealed.”  Second, for our example.  Interestingly, Koinonia has a series this week on the importance of the humanity of Jesus.  Here is the first post.

The Parable of the Sower: A Postmodern Parable?

The Parable of the Sower may be Jesus’ most popular parable.  The images are clear and the message is powerful.  However, I wonder if the Parable of the Sower helps us with something else: the discussion over the church in the postmodern era. Read more…

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