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Small Groups: What we are trying to avoid at GLBC!

March 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Small Group Prayer

September 3, 2010 3 comments

This fall, we will be doing a sermon series on the Psalms.   The series is designed to move us as a church toward prayer, and toward better prayer.  I’m excited about it, because I think prayer is a neglected part of churches today.  So I was excited about this article that I read on small group prayer.  But in the end, I was disappointed.  I think the article fails. Read more…

Small Group Listening

August 26, 2008 Leave a comment

There is a trap that I fall into when I lead a small group, and this article highlights it.  Rather than really listening, I am just hearing enough to repeat what someone else has said.  So, when you are in a small group setting, are you listening, or waiting your turn?  Here’s how to know, from Janet McMahon:

Read more…

Interpersonal Small Group Ministry

November 16, 2007 Leave a comment

I was doing some reading today about interpersonal ministry and this struck me as powerful and the direction that small groups should move.

It comes from a sermon by John Piper and you can read the entire sermon here if you like.

An Illustration of What Small Group Life Could Be

A visiting pastor in Auckland, New Zealand, was asked by the pastor of a church to come to a small group to help it understand its function. He came early for dinner and the husband was not there. The wife was embarrassed and explained that the husband owned a construction company and worked late.

The group arrived after dinner and the visiting pastor taught for a while on how to use spiritual gifts to build each other up. Then he asked them to get alone for a few minutes to seek God for how each one might channel God’s grace to the others for their upbuilding. Read more…

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