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Christian Spirituality

October 14, 2011 1 comment

Zondervan Publishers has an excellent blog called Koinonia (Greek for fellowship).  It is a great place to learn about new books and current trends in Christianity.  Every once in awhile they provide books to be reviewed.  I recently received a copy of the Dictionary of Christian Spirituality.  I really like it and provide some of my thoughts below: Read more…


Mixing Discipleship and Business

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Should business and discipleship be mixed together?  Do they belong together? 

Well, actually, yes.  Capitalism can actually be combined with kingdom work.

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God is Still Using Ted Haggard

January 28, 2009 4 comments

Most of us are familiar with the fallen evangelical leader, Ted Haggard.  I had lost track of him until I read this story in Christianity Today.  It is a must read.  It is a story of forgiveness and the power of God’s Word.  And, you should note, that Haggard’s continued love for the Word of God is having a profound impact on his own family and on Alexandra Pelosi (the daughter of the Speaker of the House).

100 Things To Do Before You Die

August 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Does this seem ironic to you?  Actually, it’s very unfortunate and I feel sorry for his family.  A simple accident seems like such a random a pointless way to pass away.
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Human Nature and Consumerism

July 9, 2008 1 comment

I’ll bet you think you’re a rational shopper.  I thought I was, too, until I read an interview with Dan Ariely.  It’s a very short interview, but highlights something important about living in a successful and materialistic culture.
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The Challenge of Discipleship

My co-pastors and I are preparing to spend a year talking about discipleship in our church.  That task is not without difficulties, and as I am beginning to study discipleship a problem emerges:  Discipleship is easy and hard at the same time.  Luke 14 makes the point very clear by taking a shocking turn.

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Seeing Clearly

Mark 8:22-26 has been a puzzling passage.  It describes Jesus attempting to heal a blind man, but Jesus is only partially successful – so he has to give it another try.  What’s the point?  Is Jesus unable to properly heal in this instance?  Could blindness get the better of Jesus if it was stubborn?
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