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Kony 2012: The Rest of the Story

I read this today and it takes us into the deeper issues surrounding Kony, African culture, Uganda, and children in Central Africa.  Here are Scott Myhre’s (a missionary in Uganda starting in 1993) key points:

  1. Africans kill each other because they believe they have to for the survival of their own children.
  2. Adults  join rebel movements when they are desperate.
  3. Children join rebel movements against their will, but then they stay.
  4. The “big man” is part of African culture in a way that Americans perhaps do not appreciate.
  5. The LRA is not the biggest problem that African children face.

I recommend this article.  Helpful if you want to talk about Kony and Uganda in an informed way.

From: http://paradoxuganda.blogspot.com/

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