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The Comprehensive Cohabitation of Marriage Will Expose You

This is from What Did You Expect (chapter 10) by Paul Tripp:

You see, the comprehensive cohabitation of marriage will expose you.  It will reveal your true heart and your true character.  The pressures, opportunities, and responsibilities of marriage will shine a light not only on your strengths but also on your weaknesses, failures, and sins.  What you really want, what you truly value, and what you think and do when you do not get these things will be exposed.


When you are working on rebuilding trust, you need to place your hope not in your husband or wife but in the third person in your marriage, the Lord Jesus.  He is in with you and for you. As the designer of marriage and the one who brought you together, he has more zeal that your marriage would actually be what he created it to be than you will ever have.  He has the wisdom you need.  He has the strength you need.  He offers the forgiveness you need.  And he will not leave you when the going gets tough.  Cry out to him; he will never turn a deaf ear to you.

There are many more pearls in this chapter – buy the book – worth every penny.

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