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Media Manners: Burp With Your Mouth Shut

Jill is constantly working on helping our sons be civilized at the dinner table – sometimes we wonder if we have cave-children.  Here are a few phrases that get repeated: “Don’t drink with your mouth full.”  “Take smaller bites!”  “One bite at a time!”  “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” And my favorite: “Burp with your mouth shut!”  Our boys somehow produce outrageous burps even with their mouths closed – makes a dad proud!?!?  But what about media manners?

Tim Challies offers some helpful thoughts about facebook / smart phone / media manners here.  An excerpt:

We are currently in the early years of another communications revolution and just like our forebears, we are negotiating etiquette. We find ourselves in that tricky space where many of us are applying old rules to new media. But we may also be excusing sinful or rude habits by our thoughtless dedication to these new media. In some cases we will look back in a few years and marvel that we could ever have been so rude. By that time society will have caught up and negotiated new etiquette. But for the time being many of us behave like barbarians (albeit barbarians with high-tech devices and Internet connections).

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  1. Ken England
    May 11, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    Sounds like our boys as they were growing up and I still think one or two still do it

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