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So you say you want to change . . .

Husbands want it.  Wives want it.  We all want it . . .  for the other person!  Sometimes we want it, but rarely experience it – true change.  And ultimately as Tripp writes, it “becomes predictable and discouraging.” Over and over again I counsel couples who have marriage troubles who don’t see any change and are discouraged and bitter.  The change light bulb comes on when they start to “get” what Paul Tripp writes about.  Read this and see if this describes what you’re going through:

I often wonder how many people are stuck in their relationships in a cycle of repeating the same things over and over again. They repeat the same misunderstandings. They rehearse and re-rehearse the same arguments. They repeat the same wrongs. Again and again things are not resolved. Night after night they end the day with nothing reconciled; they awake with memories of another bad moment with a friend, spouse, neighbor, co-worker or family member and they march toward the next time when the cycle will be repeated.

Mr. Tripp get’s to the crux of the matter:

Here is the point: no change takes place in a relationship that does not begin with confession.

So the simple yet ridiculously hard (because of pride) solution to our need for true change is confession.

Read the rest of it here.

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