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Prayer and the Mission

I am reading John Dickson’s very helpful book The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission. At the same time, our church is doing a sermon series on prayer that we think in incredibly important.  So, I was glad when I got to Dickson’s chapter called “The Hidden Mission” because he combines what the church should be doing within our community with what the church should be doing behind closed doors.  Namely, praying.  Please take a moment and read what he says:

Evangelism is grounded in heartfelt prayer.  I realize this is a mother’s-milk statement, but sometimes I am in danger of treating prayer as if were mother’s milk – something I have grown out of.  How many of our churches have spent more time crafting mission statements, devising strategic plans and organizing evangelistic programs than pleading with God for success in these activities?

Good question, isn’t it?  In our church, we want to develop a heart for our community and for reaching the lost.  But it does us no good to try to do that apart from developing a culture of prayer within our church.

When Jesus points out that the harvest in plentiful and the workers are few, his response is not to tell people to go – rather, it’s to tell people to start praying.  From prayer, God will send.

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