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Suffering and Redemption

This is a tough story to read, and I nearly did not make it to the end because I was filled with anger.  But I made it, and was glad I did, because this true story showed exactly how God takes the evil of this world and turns it to good.  It is proof that no matter what Satan tries, he ultimately cannot win.  Here’s a little intro for you (but I warn you – if you start, you won’t be able to stop).

The houseparent had marched me to the school’s dining hall, dragged a metal chair across the concrete floor, and slammed it down in front of my schoolmates. He threw me up on the chair and jammed the candle in my hand.

“Children,” he said, “you cannot serve both God and Satan. Wesley has tried. You cannot burn a candle at both ends without getting burned. Watch what happens when you try.”

Fifty children stared in silence. Nobody dared even breathe.

Striking a match, the man lit both wicks. “Watch!” Standing on that chair, my knees knocking, I stared incredulously at the candle in my shaking fingers as I contemplated what this would mean. Beyond the two flames, I could see the faces of my friends—children who, like me, had been gathered up from villages and mission stations throughout West Africa.
Mission policy dictated that all MKS leave their parents at age 6 and travel 700 miles (a week by truck) to this isolated jungle school. They, like me, had experienced unspeakable cruelty in this place. The people in charge were missionaries who had gone to Africa to save souls but, I don’t know, perhaps did not measure up linguistically or cross-culturally, so instead had been assigned to the least desirable task on the field: taking care of other missionaries’ children. Unsupervised, they took out their frustration and rage on their most convenient targets: the children in their charge. I learned early that terrible things can happen when children are deemed unimportant, the lowest of priorities.

Go read the whole thing…

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