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Generosity as Antidote

As I am preparing for something upcoming, I have been thinking a lot about generosity as an antidote for materialism and misplaced values.  I was going to blog about it, then I saw the title of this blog post and thought he said it much better than me:  “Generosity is what keeps the things I own from owning me.” Since Eugene already said it better than me, let me keep quoting him:

What if we all took some time to examine the “excess” we have in our lives and chose to sell some of our stuff so that others who are living in extreme poverty may simply have an opportunity for the “other stuff” we take for granted such as water, education, medicine, food, etc.

Indeed, what if we did?  I think there would be two benefits.  First, we would be helpful to people who need it.  This is not only instinctively right, but it is the Biblical way of life.   Second, our willingness to part with stuff that we are only somewhat clinging to might spur us on to a new willingness to part with things that we are stubbornly clinging to.

On that second point, I think that generosity becomes the antidote for the love of affluence that affects God’s people in North America.  You can go to the original blog post to read about someone whose generosity caused them to go above and beyond.  See if it spurs you on to new thinking, and new generosity.

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