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Mixing Jesus With Everything Else

We are currently making our way through Colossians on Sunday morning.  It was written to a group of people who are being misled by false teachers.  Those teachers seem to have taken a mish-mash of religious belief and combined it with what they had learned from their original teacher, Epaphras.  Maybe Colossians seems irrelevant to some, but it turns out that such mish-mash thinking is very common to us today.  And probably right here in my church.

Here’s a few stats to mull over:

Twenty percent of Protestants and 28 percent of Catholics said they believe in reincarnation, which flies in the face of Christianity’s rapture scenario. Furthermore, about the same percentages said they believe in astrology, yoga as a spiritual practice and the idea that there is “spiritual energy” pulsing from things like “mountains, trees or crystals.”

I admit it – I’m stunned.  I knew we were mixing a lot of stuff in with Christianity, but I didn’t realize how much stuff or how far away from Christ some of these things are.   Read the whole thing to get a little more of the flavor of our current beliefs in North America.

Here’s the editorial’s conclusion:

The report is further evidence that Americans continue to cobble together Mr. Potato Head-like spiritual identities from a hodgepodge of beliefs — bending dogmas to suit them instead of bending themselves to fit a dogma. And this appears to be leading to more spirituality, not less. Cue the harps, and the sitars, and the tablas, and the whale music.

So, we have more spirituality.  Good, and helpful;  it shows that people are trying to answer the questions of life and realizing that they must be answered outside of themselves.  But it’s all over the place and not focused on Christ.  Not so good, and not so helpful.  The answers of those who mix all sorts of beliefs with Christ are still going to be confused, and ultimately unsatisfied.  “Mr. Potato Head-like spiritual identities” will not help us answer the questions of life.

The purpose of the letter to the Colossians is to draw them back to Christ and back to sound beliefs and practices based on Christ.  It was relevant to a church 2000 years ago in Asia Minor that was getting confused, and it is relevant to a church today in North Americal that is getting confused.

  1. Al
    December 16, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Hi John
    You should consider that Christianity is itself a mixed religion used by the Romans in their war against the Jews. The letters of Paul which make up most of the New Testament are fabricated and in some instances try to lead Jews to abandon their faith and join this new one arguing that the Old Law no longer applies when, if you look in the Torah, when God gave his revelation he says that the Law is for all generations. It doesn’t say for all generations until superman (Jesus) comes along. Dont you find it odd that the law of Moses in the Torah (What Chrisitans appalingly call Old Testament) you cannot eat pig or fish without scales, you can’t mix clothing items such as wool and linen, you can’t have blood in your meat and yet today Christians who still read from the Torah and Tanakh contravine all of these. Why? Because Paul said Jesus died so I can now eat pig and only obey certain laws from so called old. John you shouldn’t be accusing Churches of practicing other beliefs when it stole the scripture of the Jews and paganised them.
    Wake up John and go back to the only scripture that is important, the only books you really need. Genesis to Malachi.
    Also remeber Jesus was a Jew and if your to believe that little catchphraspe Christians love (what would Jesus do) then act like a Jew!

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