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Jay Leno’s Pastoral Moment

Jay Leno’s no pastor – we all know that, but he did have a pastoral moment with Kanye West.  Most of us know that an inebriated Kanye West blew it the other night when he interupted Taylor Swift during her nice moment.  Not a huge deal, but selfish, unkind and foolish in many ways.  You can watch the pastoral moment after the jump.

Kanye was on Leno the other night and Jay asked him what his mother would say about the incident and it moved Kanye to silence.  Silence is always a good thing for those who think the world encircles them.  It was a pastoral moment.  It was a shepherding moment.

That ‘s what pastors do.  We call people to think.  Not about what their mother might say, but to what God would say.  Not to feel sorry because we made our mom sad, but repentant because we have sinned against God.  Not to contemplate how we have offended some motherly standard, but because we have rejected the standard of God.

Thanks to Jay Leno for shepherding West a little bit by asking him a difficult question.  As shepherds, we must ask the hard questions that help people stop and think . . . and hopefully assist the Holy Spirit in moving followers of Christ towards repentance.

I know absolutely nothing about Kanye West, but it seems like he  is truly sorry.  Do you think so?

  1. Becky O.
    September 15, 2009 at 9:03 am

    Thanks Andrew – As I was thinking of your post and watching Jay Leno interact with Kanye, I was also struck that Leno practiced speaking the truth with love (just as pastors do so often). Leno is a commedian, loving satire and pointing out faults for the laugh but here he exercises restraint for the greater good…helping someone find there way to repentance.

  2. Kym Hess
    September 15, 2009 at 9:59 am

    Thanks Andrew! We watched this last night and I too was impressed with Jay’s approach, he held Kanye “accountable”. By using a loving approach Jay was able to get Kanye to think – my impression at the time from Kanye’s response made me think he was realizing he never really mourned the death of his mother and his interuption to Taylor was a result from that. I really thought that was what his silence was about. Either way your blog has made me decide to watch it again. Kanye does seem sincerely disappointed with his actions…maybe Jays comments will help Kanye determine his steps toward resolution with Taylor.

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