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Testimony Booth Online

I’d like to try something – a testimony booth – kind of like a photo booth but we record your story of how God gave youdigital camera new life.  Now, I have no booth, so you have to create your own set up.  All you need is a digital camera that takes video, and record yourself speaking about how Jesus got a  hold of you and brought you into His Kingdom.  Young and Old – please participate, we need to hear how God has worked!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Three to Five  minutes or less (I guess if you need more time, go for it, but it better be good).
  • Tell your story.
  • You’ve got to get the video or a link to me via email (you could post it on Youtube, or Facebook).
  • Answer these kind of questions:  What do you believe about Jesus?  How has He drawn you to Himself?  What were the events that surrounded your conversion?  What people or verses of Scripture did God use to get your attention?
  • Video creativity does not matter, but it can’t hurt.
  • If you are older and don’t know how to do a digital video – find some younger person like a granddaughter and she will help you.
  • No sermons – just your story.
  • I may or may not post them.
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