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My Worship Experience?

There’s an awful lot being written about the state of worship services in Christianity these days, and I rarely (actually, never) have anything original to say about it.  But every now and then somebody says something that is a little helpul to me and I like to pass it along.  Today, I read this post by Bill Kinnon.  His reason for writing the post scratched right where I itch.

He says:

The prompt for this post was one from Jared Wilson (my favourite young Calvinist – you other two, I consider rather old now). Jared quoted a tweet from a buddy,

___________ wants to know why every Sunday can’t be a worship experience like Hillsong United created last night.

I wrote a comment that got lost somewhere in the pushed pixel universe of blogdom. The gist of it was asking, ‘shouldn’t the “worship experience” be God’s?’ (bold mine )

That struck a chord (no pun intended) with me.  No matter what style WE prefer, too often in our worship we are saying something about our place before God.  Namely, our feelings are the most important thing about musical worship; God’s feelings about it are secondary.  Our assumption is that if we feel good, God must feel good.  But – to quote that line again – “shouldn’t the worship experience be God’s?”

Whether we are singing hymns with an organ or the latest praise and worship with a great band, our worship is to God and for God.  Have you ever caught yourself saying, “That service really blessed me!”?  Perhaps a better motivation for worship is to bless God.

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  1. Brian D.
    June 19, 2009 at 10:22 am

    Would that mean your not in favor of a traditional vs. contemporary style service split? Nice post, very well stated. I think that itch has been scratched for a few people that read and understood that post.

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