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Helping the Homeless

When was the last time you thought about the homeless in your area?  I have to admit, I don’t often think about the homeless in tiny Grand Ledge, MI.  Typically when I do think about homelessness, I think more of failed political solutions rather than trying to be a part of the solution.  Christianity Today has an article about how churches in Los Angeles are making a difference.  Could this happen here (or where you live)?

I won’t summarize the whole article, but I particularly like this quote from Kurt Fredrickson (who is director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller Theological Seminary):

“It’s real easy to live in the suburbs and go to skid row and pass out sandwiches,” Fredrickson says. “It’s a whole lot harder to circle around another person and say, ‘I’m going to be with you for the long haul—the next year or three years—and we are here for you and we are not going to let you fall.’ “

Now THAT is missional.

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