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Mango Mission: More Fruit in Mango

Auto troubles, care for the sick, planning meetings, and a new follower of Jesus – this is how it goes for missionaries Tim and Ester.  An Excerpt:  “Our team met together on Tuesday night, and we rejoiced when Nogbedji said he wanted to make an announcement . . . “

May 10, 2009

It’s Mother’s Day, and I expect we will celebrate later in the week once we get down to Lome.  Esther is busy packing and making certain that she is ready for the trip and the Togo Team meetings next week.  (I did the dishes after lunch, and made her a cup of coffee.)  In an hour we have our team meeting at our house, and we will be studying the course, Essential Mission Components.

Our car is still in the shop, although there is no shop, only a couple of trees and an open lot.  It broke down on Friday, and of course, there were no parts available here in Mango.  The mechanic said he could have parts sent up from Lome (300 miles to the south) by taxi this morning, following a fruitless search closer by.  It’s something in the distributor, possibly part of the electronic ignition.  They found a used distributor that didn’t fit the car, but he said the part we needed was inside, and it did match.  The car ran, but now there is something wrong with the starter motor.  I was only partially joking when I told the electrician that he was going to repair or replace every bit of the electrical system in the car before we are done.  They promised to have the car back by nightfall.  We will need it in order to take Nouhoun, the man with the broken leg, down to the hospital in Tsiko tomorrow.
Our 20-year old Mazda 626 has given us fits this week.

Last week I had the mechanic open things up to see why our defrost and heater no longer work, and he discovered that the a/c repairman in Lome who worked on the system, evidently unhooked and removed the linkage from the switches to the controls under the dash, and didn’t bother to replace any of it.  So we anticipate returning to his shop when in Lome to see if he still has my linkage, and if he can put it back together.  Life is an adventure.

Our team met together on Tuesday night, and we rejoiced when Nogbedji said he wanted to make an announcement, and told us that Afusi, an 18 year-old sewing student told him that she wanted to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  He said he asked her if this really came from her heart, and she put her hand to her heart and said it was.  Afusi is the third Muslim that our team has had the joy to lead to the Lord.  It’s getting exciting to be here and to watch the Lord at work.  We believe that people here in Mango are more open to Bible truth than we ever imagined prior to moving here.  Thanks to all of you who have prayed, and we of course count on continued prayer support.

Several of us met for singing and a Bible study this morning, including Afusi, as well as Ibrahim and Abdoulaye, two Muslim men who work with Nogbedji in the sewing school.  Mumoni, the guesthouse guard was also with us.  It is hard to read what these men are thinking, as they usually have little to say.  But they are coming, and I think there is more discussion once they get away from the intimidation of the white man’s house.

We will be going south tomorrow and won’t return to Mango for almost two weeks, as we need to renew Esther’s visa in Lome, and then participate in Togo Team meetings in Tsiko.  We are looking forward to the break, and to civilization for a short time.  Thanks for your prayers.

Yours in His service,

Tim & Esther Neufeld

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