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The Most Fascinating Question in Science

One of my growing interests is the relationship between science and faith.  Today there are numerous proposals for how science and faith do or do not work together: from atheism to theistic evolution to intelligent design to young-earth-creationism.  Regardless of where you stand, there is one principle that you simply must grasp.

The principle, which one blogger calls “the most fascinating question in all of science” is the anthropic principle.  The anthropic principle is simply this: the universe is fine-tuned for life.  It is so fine-tuned, as a matter of fact, that it is virtually impossible that all of the necessary constants would be tuned so precisely without guidance.  Translation: God is behind the fine-tuning of the universe.

An excellent summary of the anthropic principle can be found here.  A more detailed summary, which I heartily recommend, is found here.

I do want to warn some of you that these articles are written by “theistic evolutionists.”  So there may be some evolutionary language in it that makes you uncomfortable.  But please don’t let that distract you from the amazing truth of the anthropic principle.  It is simply astounding.

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