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When the Light Shines

As I read this article, I was reminded that I am sometimes a little like a cockroach (actually, some may say that I am a lot like a cockroach – but that’s a post for a different day).  When the light shines, I run.

Mark Galli says this:

There is something about the great news of encountering the very glory of God that scares the spirituality out of us. There are many reasons for that, but one is this: Divine light exposes something in us that we do not like to look at.

Paint a room in normal lighting, and when you step back, it all looks pretty good. You pat yourself on the back, and start cleaning up. But shine one of those 500-watt high-intensity lamps on the walls, move the lamp up and down, and get a sideways look at it. That high-intensity light exposes all the places where the old paint still bleeds through.

To experience Christ in his resurrection glory can be something like that. The one whom the Nicene Creed calls “Light from Light” has a way of exposing all the old paint that still bleeds through our lives. So some days, the last thing I want is to meet the resurrected, glorious Christ. He just exposes too many flaws.

So, like a cockroach,  I don’t always like the light.  But the story doesn’t end there.  The light changes us, too, if we don’t run away from it.  Read the rest of the article to hear the story of Catherine of Genoa, who did not run from the light, even though the light made her painfully aware of her sin. 

The article concludes:

(Catherine) had a saint’s instinct to know that all love comes wrapped in pain, and all pain, when accepted in faith, delivers the gift of love. One cannot have the love of God without pain any more than one can have the sun’s light without the sun’s heat.


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