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Mango Mission # 16: Property Update & Bridge Building

Update # 16 from ABWE Missionaries in Mango, Togo – Northern Hospital Outreach.

It’s nearly 11:00 p.m. and the electricity is back on.  It was turned it off at 2:00 this afternoon, about the same time the water company shut the water off.  However, it looks as though the fellows repairing the broken line decided they could finish fixing it tomorrow, so tonight it will be a bucket bath, which really works just as well.  And we think we can count on electricity until 6:00 tomorrow morning, so we should be able to sleep.  Last time I checked it was 95 inside, but it feels as though it’s cooling down now and must have dropped to 93.  It was 102 in the shade this afternoon, so 93 really feels pretty good.   To all of you who are waiting for the end of winter, eat your hearts out!

We do believe that we have clearance to purchase a suitable piece of property for the Wendell Kempton Memorial Medical and Ministry Center, and will be hosting a team as of Tuesday night to survey the property, set some bornes (boundary stones), do some perk testing, provide information that will allow us to calculate the acreage, and hopefully move ahead with purchasing land.  Please pray that nothing else pops up to cause further delay.  While we did not get the exact property we wanted, we feel that the land we purchase will suit us just fine, and will in some ways be better than what we originally hoped to purchase.  I’m still holding my breath until we actually get signatures on a bill of sale, along with the administrative certificate issued by the local government, but this one does look pretty good, barring something unforeseen.

Esther and I were in Lome from Wednesday through Saturday.  We took Mr. Nogbedji down to purchase sewing machines and supplies, and then bring the machines back to Mango.  We arrived home last night at around 9:00, and found that Nogbedji, who had left earlier in the morning, and was a good hour ahead of us by the time we arrived in Kara, was just unloading his things from the taxi when we pulled up to his house with the sewing machines.  He was exhausted, and told us that they had 25 people crammed into the 15-passenger bus in which he was riding.  On top of that, they were delayed almost an hour because the President was in town, and the roads north were closed.  We were caught in the traffic jam that ensued once they re-opened the roads, but it held us up only 15 minutes.  The sewing school opens classes tomorrow, and I’ll get some pictures to send, hopefully next week.  Thanks to all who have given so generously to help us make this school a reality.

The chronological Bible study this morning took us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is here that we are most likely to see disagreement on the part of our Muslim friends, and some of that has already surfaced.  There is little disagreement in the Old Testament, but when one comes to Jesus as God’s Son, and we speak of His death and resurrection, Muslims insist that God would never allow great prophet like Jesus to be crucified, and to say that He is God’s Son is in their minds, blasphemy.  Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ, and we are thankful that our friends are hearing the words of scripture.

This afternoon we had eight ladies from Mumoni’s family.  Mumoni is the guard at the guesthouse, and he has been coming to our Sunday morning Bible study.  He told us that the ladies were ready to come as soon as they got the word that they were invited.  How does one go about visiting with people when they speak a language you don’t speak or understand?  You hope to have a translator through whom you can communicate, and the Lord did provide an older lady in the group who had some education and was able to speak French.  The ladies have an invitation to come to a Sunday lunch, along with their husbands.  Esther is going to be arranging that within the next couple of weeks.  Even though we couldn’t talk with them, the afternoon was fun, and we had prayer with them before they left.  It’s called building bridges and making friends, and we pray that God will use it to bring some into the family.  Thanks for praying.  I’ll include a couple of pictures we took this afternoon.

Yours in His service,

Tim & Esther Neufeld

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