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Who Will Plant a Church In Vermont?

The American Religious Identification Survey has released a new study on religion in America.  A basic summary is that America is becoming less religions, less Christian, and Vermont needs a good church plant!

Here are some of the statistics:

  • American population claiming “no religion” is 15%.  This is an increase from previous years of 14.2% (2001) and 8.2% (1990).
  • The amount of Americans with “no religion” increased in every state, but is largest in the northeast and northwest.  Vermont is the highest at 34%.  It seems that a lot of people are planting churches in Seattle, who will go to Vermont?
  • “Christians” have declined to 76% from 77% (2001) and 86% (1990).
  • Catholicism remains the largest Christian denomination (25% of the population), but the center of Catholicism has moved to the southwest.
  • Mainline Protestants (Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian) have declined from 17% (2001) to 12.9% (2008) of the American population.
  • Evangelicals constitute 34% of the American population and 45% of the Christian population.  Interestingly, 18% of Catholics call themselves evangelical.
  • The percentage of Americans in non-denominational churches has increased from 0.1% (1990) to 3.5% (2008).
  • The Mormon population of America has remained consistent at 1.4% and Jews a little lower at 1.2%.  Islam grew to 0.6% of the American population.

One of the conclusions of the study is that “organized religion” is declining.  This is evident in the decrease in “religous” weddings and funerals, and also contributes to the rise in “non-denominational” churches.  All of this seems to support the common understandig of postmodernity that we remain a spiritual people but not in the traditional, religious sense.

  1. March 9, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    I really appreciate this article in the sense that it is a confirmation of the direction that the Lord is leading myself and family. We are going to be headed to Burlington, Vermont in the summer or fall to plant a church. We are actually looking for support right now, and I will be taking a final survey trip to Burlington in April. I am excited about this and have a vision of being able to reach the whole state through this church plant!
    There are souls to be won!

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