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Postmodernity & the Difficulty of Truth

I was doing a little reading for a class I’m teaching on evangelism and ran into this today – the story of a man who thought he was dead . . .

Once upon a time there was a man who thought he was dead. His concerned wife and friends sent him to the friendly neighborhood psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist determined to cure him by convincing him of one fact that contradicted his belief that he was dead.  The fact that the psychiatrist settled on was the simple truth that dead men do not bleed, and he put him to work reading medical texts, observing autopsies, ect.  After weeks of effort, the patient finally said, “All right!  You’ve convinced me.  Dead men do not bleed.”  Whereupon the psychiatrist struck him in the arm with a needle, and the blood flowed.  The man looked with a contorted, ashen face and cried: “Good Lord!  Dead men bleed after all!”

Post-modernity is a moving target when it comes to truth and when truth is presented as more than a human construct, Cole states that we risk (from the perspecitve of the postmodern thinker)  “imperialist intolerance”.   You can read the rest of his well written article on frame of reference here: Do Christians Have A Worldview.  It’s a pinata of quotable candies worth taking a swing at!

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