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What I Learned This Week

As Brian already mentioned, we attended a pastor’s conference this week.  For me, one of the speaker said something very concisely that seems to be getting lost in evangelical circles.  It seems like we often make the message of the gospel about us.  We start by asking people if they are content.

Here’s some of the questions you might have heard in evangelical churches: 

“Are you happy with how your life is turning out?”

“Are you content with the way things are in your marriage?”

“Are your finances dragging you down?”

“Do you lack purpose in your life?”

The root of all of these questions is our satisfaction.  It bases the beginning of the gospel on our state of mind. 

But those questions are the wrong starting point.  They’re not bad questions, per se, but they put the starting point of the gospel within us and our own discontent.

Mark Dever put it well (but I must paraphrase, since I couldn’t write the quote quickly enough):  Our problem is not lack of purpose, but lack of God.  Not our discontent with ourselves, but God’s discontent with us.

In short, our problem is sin.  The gospel begins by setting our relationship with God back to His intention, not ours.  Only after we reconcile with Him can we begin to talk about purpose, contentment, and finances.  So, thanks, Mark (I’m sure he’s an avid reader of our blog, after all!).

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