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Mango Mission # 12: Property Update, President Favors

Update # 12 from ABWE Missionaries in Mango, Togo – Northern Outreach.

This is an answer to prayer, but not in the bag just yet. Read and pray for God’s work. And make sure you read the last paragraph about Dodji and pray for him as well – this is why the Mango mission is vital to lives and vital to the Kingdom.

February 4, 2009

Alain Niles and I spoke with his landlord this afternoon concerning the hospital
property we want to purchase, and he informed us that the gentleman who has created the
roadblock is aware that the President is in favor of our acquisition of the property in
question, and this gentleman will be coming to speak with us on Monday. When I asked how
we could contact him, or if we should try to get our contact information to him, the
reply was that they all know who we are and where we are. They will get in touch with
us. That is why he is coming to Mango. Please pray with us that this man will be open to
us, and that he will give us a favorable response to our request. Alain’s landlord, who
is an advisor to the President, told us to not back down, and to simply tell him that we
want this particular property. If he needs to move the airport, he can do that (The
President’s words, but that’s not likely to happen!).

It has been a bit trying this week. We moved on Monday, and there are boxes all
over the place. This morning I hooked up the washing machine, and it stopped working. I
discovered that the motor is tri-phase, and we have only two wires coming to the house,
not the four that are necessary for the third phase. We took it back to the guesthouse,
where we have four wires, and it still doesn’t work. So now I need to try and contact
someone named Adam in Kara, who evidently knows how to fix things like washing machines.
I got the battery backup system up and running, and it’s not working either. Tomorrow I
can start looking to see why. And on top of that, the hot season appears to have arrived
a month early. So our energy level is a bit low.

We learned today that Nogbedji’s son, Dodji, has Hepatitis B. I sent him and
Nogbedji to our hospital in Tsiko after he developed jaundice. He was already being
treated for Typhoid Fever, and we felt it wise to find out the reason for his jaundice.
Todd DeKryger called to let us know, and reassured us that while there is no treatment
for it here, the immune system of many Africans seems strong enough to allow them to
develop some resistance to the disease, and many of them can lead a normal life. We are
praying to that end. Nogbedji called tonight, and he was quite broken up about it. How
did he get it? Very likely through a contaminated needle. The health care system here
has its share of quacks, and they often give injections, and re-use needles to save money.

Thanks for your prayer on our behalf. We will keep you informed as we see further
development on the land issue.

Yours in His service,

Tim & Esther Neufeld

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