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Proud to Be an American

Inauguration Day should be one of the most significant days for an American citizen.  It represents what the United States is all about.  So on this day, January 20, I am extremely proud to be an American.

Let me say up front that my feelings about Inauguration Day are the same regardless of who is being sworn in that day as President.  I’ve lived through Inauguration Days of people whom I have voted for and people whom I have voted against.  But on this one day, none of that matters.  Inauguration Day transcends politics.  Inauguration Day is about America.

Inauguration Day represents our freedom of choice.  Presidential campaigns are long, expensive, and often irritating.  However, it makes me proud to live in a nation where every four years we can have a national debate and freely choose the person we want to lead our nation for the next four years.  This freedom is a gift that I too often take for granted.

Inauguration Day represents the free transfer of power.  In a fallen world where people cling to their own power and self-interests, every four years Americans witness the free transfer of power.  In this case, the most powerful man in the world, George W. Bush, willingly steps aside and gives that title to another man (a political foe in this case), making him the most powerful man in the world.  The free and peaceful transition of one President to another must be an anomaly in the history of the world.  But so far, Americans have kept this as one of our core values.

Inauguration Day reveals the professionalism of the men and women of our military.  These men and women are committed professionals who will serve their Commander in Chief, regardless of their personal feelings toward that person, to protect him and the nation that he leads.  This is truly a life of sacrifice for others.

Finally, this Inauguration Day is particuarly unique in American history because of what it represents to all Americans, but African-Americans in particular.  There is no way around the shameful history of slavery, hate, and segregation in some corners of America.  So this Inauguration Day is particularly significant because it is the realization of a dream – and God’s ideal – that all people are created equal by God.

So celebrate Inauguration Day.  Yes some of us may have some policy differences and concerns with the new President – we have four years to debate those issues.  But on this day, let’s put those aside and celebrate a day that is truly American.

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