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Missional Moments in Converge

We at GLBC are affiliated with Converge Worldwide (a.k.a. the Baptist General Conference).  One of the things we appreciate about Converge is their passion for God’s mission.  The most recent Converge magazine has several great examples of missional churches.  Here are two:

Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, CA hosted a one-day program called Returning Hearts at the local prison.  The purpose was to reunite inmates with their spouses and children.  This program led 35 inmates and 80 children through a VBS/Awana-type program.  Can you imagine the impact that this would have on these families and the prison community?

Indian Lake Baptist Church in Worthington, Minn. used their facilities to host 20 homeless Sudanese people for a week.  They fed the families, watched over the kids, and helped the moms save money so that they could get into a home of their own.  The church reports that three of the families have become part of their community!

I think this are both very creative ways to fulfill God’s mission of redeeming His creation.  Both meet relational and physical needs.  Both are also done clearly and unapologetically in the name of Jesus Christ.

That is missional in action.

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