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Keep OSU Out of the BCS

This is the week of BCS speculation, and a lot of people are saying that Ohio State will receive an at large bid.  I love Ohio State (and I mean, I LOVE Ohio State), but I sincerely hope they do not get a BCS bid.

I think there are two reasons why I don’t want OSU in the BCS.  One reason is selfish and the second reason is, I hope, a little more altruistic.

First the selfish reason: I don’t want to see Ohio State get their tails kicked by a Big-12 or SEC team.  And I don’t care if it is Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, or whomever, they will beat OSU.  We are good, but not that good.  These teams have been entirely too impressive this year.  And if I have to deal with another post-season loss to Florida…

But my second reason is a little more altruistic.  There are two undefeated teams sitting ahead of Ohio State in the polls: Boise State and Utah.  Certainly one of them will receive an at-large bid, but it is doubtful that both of them will.  Unfortunately, the reason one of them will be left out is financial.  Ohio State will draw a TV crowd.  Boise State will not.  But college sports is not supposed to be about money.  It is supposed to be about amateur players playing their schedule to the best of their ability and then reaping the rewards at the end.  Boise State deserves a big reward (never mind that I actually think OSU could beat Boise State…they deserve it).

So next Sunday I will watch the annual BCS show and I will be hoping (not praying, but really, really hoping) that Ohio State gets left out.  Give us a nice southern, January 1 bowl game with the third-place SEC team so we can actually win one (and give us Florida for the national championship when Pryor is a Junior or Senior!).

Go Bucks.

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