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The Meltdown

Like everyone else, I’ve been watching the financial meltdown with a lot of conflicting emotions:  revenge (watching greedy people get what they have coming); fear (after all, while they get what they have coming, it’s my 403b that’s dropping like a stone); interest (my undergrad degree was in economics, and I have always followed business news); and even pragmatism (how is it going to affect me?).  But I’ve yet to put into words how I think about it theologically.  This article helped.

Two quick things I drew from the article.  First, I am guilty of the same greed that I criticize Wall Street for.  After all, I let them manage my 403b and I loved watching it when it went up.  He says:

Sure it’s easy to shamelessly wag our finger at Wall Street bankers, traders, and lenders. Their avarice, greed, and ostentatious ways are notorious. But before we strain our finger, let’s not forgot who they’ve been working for. We’re also involved in their trades, their transactions, and the thirst for MORE. The hard reality is, we are Wall Street. We are the lenders, we are the traders, and now we are the debtors.

Second, the gospel does not know rich or poor, young or old, and doesn’t care about financial meltdowns.  We were the church before the meltdown, we remain the church in the meltdown, and we will be the church if and when the global economy is back on its feet.  The message of Christ needs to be spread.

Moreover, the meltdown actually aids the gospel.  People are unsure what the future holds, where their jobs will be, and what their future looks like (I’m unsure about that, myself).  We already have the answer to those questions – faith in Christ is (as Ravi Zacharias said) the “source of the solutions.”  He gives us a better way to think about the mess – a method that is not dependent on our circumstances, but dependent on God.

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