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Axios! Axios! Axios!

The Orthodox Church in America (OCA) elected a new leader. I know little about the Orthodox Church but found this brief 4 minute video diary of the event intriguing. They chose a rather young man who seems to be an unlikely (even though he sports the beard) man who is not part of the Orthodox good ole boys religious club. In the video, they announce the new leader and the people respond by chanting Axios . . . Axios . . . Axios.

Axios is what the “people” say when they approve of the new leader – it means: He is worthy. They claim this dates back to the early church. What is abundantly apparent is how far away the OCA is from being relevant with their beards, and robes, and chants . . . but it’s kinda cool in a high church – liturgical – chanting way. Maybe this fresh young guy will lead the OCA in some new directions. At a minimum he will clean up some of their recent leadership sins and lack of accountability.

H.T. Crunchy Con

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