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Renewal Update 15: Home from Hawaii

We returned safely from a wonderful time in Hawaii! I haven’t posted any pictures for awhile, so here is a photo-journal of the last week. Needless to say it was awesome.

Nikki and I celebrated our 12th anniversary with a dinner cruise. The meal, the scenery, and the company were great, but the entertainment was a little cheesy.

This is the sunset on the Pacific Ocean, taken from our dinner cruise.

This is a catamaran we took snorkling off of Waikiki. The snorkling was just okay, but we did see some sea turtles. The catamaran went way off the coast…a little too far for my taste. I felt a little seasick, but I survived.

We saw some fun performances at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

We also visited Pearl Harbor. This isn’t the best picture, but on the left you see the USS Missouri and on the right you see the USS Arizona Memorial. This is a neat scene because the Arizona represents the beginning of America’s involvement in WWII (the attack on Pearl Harbor) and the Missouri represents the ending of the WWII Pacific Theater (Japan officially surrendered on the deck of the Missouri).

We hiked through the rain and the mud to see a waterfall in southeast Oahu.

Our last day in Hawaii was one of our favorites: we drove around the island. This is a picture of the eastern coast of Oahu. It is absolutely amazing. We also drove through the mountains and visited the North Shore (on the West side of the island). The waves were non-existent, but it looks like an awesome place to be in the winter when the waves are strong.

We had a great time in Hawaii. Being there for 2 weeks was fun but I was ready to come home to see my kids!! Also, the flights home were incredibly long. I think we were awake and in airports for about 32 hours. But, that is the sacrifice you make for Hawaii!! It was truly an experience of a lifetime.

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