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Renewal Update 14: Venturing out of Waikiki

This evening our class broke into small groups for an assignment.  I was blessed to be in a group with Terry, an Assembly of God pastor, from Hawaii.  He drove us north of Honolulu into the Pauli mountains for some good pictures and then treated us to a wonderful meal.  Here are some of the sights:

This is from the mountains looking down into the valley at a couple of towns.  Actually, at the bottom of the picture you will see a golf course.  It is supposedly one of the most difficult golf courses in the country (155 slop rating, whatever that means), and is owned by a Presbyterian church, who meets in the country club (also visible in the bottom middle).  I haven’t figured out how a church can own a golf course and be missional, but I’m willing to give it a shot!

This is another view of the same towns.

This is a beach Terry took us to briefly…he considers this a “real” Hawaii beach since it is natural and didn’t have the sand shipped in (unlike Waikiki).

This is from my walk on Waikiki Beach last night.  Even if it is a “fake” beach, it sure is beautiful!

I’m excited that Nikki is joining me tomorrow!  I can’t wait for her to get here.  I miss her and the kids terribly.  It is great to be in this beautiful part of God’s creation, but it is only so enjoyable without the ones you love.

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  1. Ken England
    August 8, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Yes Brian it is beautiful as when I spent time in the Military I made 4 trips through the Islands and all though they probably have changed since I was that way they were beartifull then just the same.

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