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Renewal Update 11: Aloha!

I finally arrived in Hawaii!!  Now it is time for my first Junie B. Jones Hawaii photo-journal update:

Saturday was a very, very long day.  I boarded a plane at 12:15 pm (ET) in Detroit and landed in Honolulu around 2:30 am (ET).  It was a relatively miserable day for someone who hates flying as much as I do (even though the flights were fine).  Despite my discomfort, every once in awhile I actually enjoy the views.  This is a picture of the California coastline as we were heading off to the Pacific Ocean.

This is my hotel, just a few blocks from the beach and a couple of blocks from my class (which begins tomorrow).  It is a comfortable place to be.

This is the view from my balcony.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at, but I think it is northwest from Waikiki.  That is a golf course on the other side of the canal.  It might be calling me this week.

Today (Sunday) I’ve had the opportunity to explore a little bit of Waikiki.  There are lots of nice shops and restaurants that Nikki and I are going to enjoy when she gets out here.  Until then, I’ve been hanging out at Denny’s (with an $8.59 Grand-Slam breakfast…I thought they were supposed to be $2.99!) and Subway.  I’ve ventured to the beach once (but forgot my camera).  It was very beautiful (I’m heading back right now).  I know it is the kind of place Nikki will spend all day.

This morning I attended Waikiki Baptist Church.  I was greatly encouraged by the worship in music and the opportunity to share communion with people from all around the world (literally).  It was a small group, but the pastor has a vision of having a small group/church in every high rise apartment building in Waikiki.  Now that is a missional vision…I love it!

Tomorrow morning (or, 2:00 pm for those of you in the Midwest), I begin my class.  I’m really looking forward to a week of discussion and growth.  I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about at the end of each day…the question is will I have the time.


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  1. Beth
    August 3, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Dear Daddy, Hi! Those are great pictures that you sent to us! I love you so much! You are the best! I hope you are having a good trip in Hawaii. Hugs and snuggles, Beth

  2. Ken England
    August 4, 2008 at 8:05 am

    Way to go Beth;
    Have a good time Brian. I did when I was there. Don’t much care for the humidity but we are in Michigan.

  3. Bethany (not to be confused w/ Beth)
    August 6, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    have i told you yet how jealous i am that you are in hawaii? love the pictures, that picture from your balcony is especially amazing w/ the depth of the blues and greens! take tons more!

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