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The Lord’s Prayer (3)

One more note regarding the Lord’s Prayer from Dr. Tim Dwyer that I found helpful.  Have you ever prayed “Hallowed (or honored) be your name” and wondered what that meant?  Why is God’s name important? 

In both the Old and New Testament (although it seems to be found primarily in the Old), God’s name is synonymous with His reputation.  When the name of God comes up, it is primarily speaking of how He is viewed by the world. 

When the community prays for God’s name to be hallowed, we are asking for His name to be honored in the world.  But that’s still not helpful – after all, God is perfectly capable of taking care of His own name; He doesn’t need us to do it for Him.  So what is the benefit of praying for it?

We know that God’s reputation is important to Him, as He spends a lot of the OT showing us how He protects it.  We are praying to God to do something (protect His reputation) that we already know is important to Him.  Therefore, the real benefit to praying for God’s name to be hallowed (honored) is to make it important to us, as well.

Thus, it re-orients us away from our own plans, and toward His plans.  It focuses us on the thing that matters to Him – glorifying His name.  If a church rallies around such a prayer request, they will be rallying around God’s plan for the world.  God wants to make His name known to all – so we will want the same thing.

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