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Renewal Update 10: Time in Michigan

We just completed our third week of renewal!! It feels like we should be getting back to life at GLBC, but we still have another month away. We miss everyone dearly. We have enjoyed our last few days in Michigan, and today we adventured to Michigan’s Adventure. Here are some pictures.

It’s not easy to see, but Beth is cruising down this big slide in the water park.

Mom and Zach enjoyed the slides as well.

The rides were also a big hit.

Zach rode his first roller coaster which was appropriately named “Zach’s Zoomer.” Beth liked it even more and enjoyed riding in the very front.

Zach and Beth drink milkshakes with our good friend Brandie. She came along to help us watch over the kids. She was a really big help.

I didn’t include any pictures of Noah because, frankly, he doesn’t do many exciting things at an amusement park. He did enjoy the water as usual.

Well, that was our day! It’s time for bed!

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