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Toronto . . . Brownsville . . . and now Lakeland

For a few reasons I’ve been hesitant to coment on what many are calling a revival in Lakeland Florida. I’m not the revival sheriff. Our congregation knows little of it’s existence. It’s more of the same: the Toronto & Brownsville Blessing recirculated – much has been said about it already. Even arguing about it may be a waste of time. But I hesitate no longer.

I’ve watched some of Bentley’s work on youtube, and have read about what is going on, and from the get-go I have been greatly concerned that this is all smoke and mirrors and rooted in a person who can manipulate a crowd. I do not want to question the sincerity of the many who attend, nor can I explain what they say is occurring, but much of these “revival” services are pure emotionalism and not rooted in truth. I am concerned with what is becoming a pattern for these “Revivals”.

  • Holy Laughter
  • Health and wealth Gospel
  • An over emphasis on Angels
  • Man centered – in some ways this is all about Bentley and not about God or Jesus
  • Supernatural seekers – there are many who seek out the supernatural or any hint of the miraculous – it will draw a crowd.
  • Emotional manipulation by the leaders – an interesting article by Sam Storms: Manipulation or Ministry
  • Abuse of the Word of God
  • A lack of biblical preaching and biblical repentance
  • Unsubstantiated claims of raising the dead – this makes me smile – if the dead are being raised, then I’m keeping some of them around (with death certificates) to proclaim the glory and power of God.

This revealing first hand account shows the substance of what is really going on and the reason I decided to write this post.

HT: Chris Brauns

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