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Renewal Update 3: We Made it to Maranatha!

We safely arrived to Maranatha last night. After a good night’s rest and an enjoyable morning, Nikki is with Beth and Zach at the beach while I’m back at our plush room while Noah takes a nap. So far it has lived up to everything it is supposed to be.

The week began with a Saturday evening program. They had a three-person team (Theater for the Thirsty) perform the book of Daniel in a very unique way; combining music, comedy, and drama. It was entertaining, but even more than that, it was encouraging to reflect upon Daniel’s faithfulness to God in the midst of a hostile culture and hostile circumstances. He longed for home but he remained obedient and faithful. A good message to start out the week.

I also began my renewal studies in the book of Matthew. I’m going to work through Matthew on a daily basis guided by David Turner’s commentary (he was one of my NT professors at Grand Rapids Theological). I’ve already learned a few things.

In closing, I’ve made the mistake a couple times of calling this week “camp.” There is nothing even resembling camp at Maranatha. Here are a few pictures of our plush accommodations.

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  1. Andrew Ford
    July 6, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    I hope the kids are adjusting well to the Maranatha setting. Duneside rooms look great! Do you think we should have the Theater for the Thirsty come to GLBC?
    We had a great morning – John preached well!

    We miss you already

  2. Andrew Ford
    July 8, 2008 at 7:48 am

    We are so happy you are enjoying yourself. Abby is praying that Beth will have a good time in the children’s classroom. She loves it there!

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