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God Exists (in Reality and Philosophy!)

Christianity Today has posted an excellent article from philosopher/theologian William Lane Craig titled God Is Not Dead Yet. It provides a wonderful summary of the philosophical arguments for God’s existence.

This article came at a wonderful time for me because I have been doing a lot of reading in this area over the last couple of weeks.  I think my big conclusion so far, which Craig discusses, is how much America (including myself) as been impacted by empiricism.  Simply put, we don’t believe it unless we see it, taste, it, hear it, smell it, or touch it for ourselves.  Of course, we can’t do any of these things with God, so we have problems with Him and His existence.  Even though recent Pew Research shows that over 90% of Americans believe in God, I think most merely give Him lip-service and do not allow the full implications of belief in God to impact their daily lives (which leads to the question, is it really belief?).  Perhaps we are a deistic nation, not a theistic nation (a fact that was true in many of our founding fathers).

CT also published a list of some recommended readings in this area.  Here are a few others that I have brought home to peruse during my renewal:

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