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Let the Renewal Begin!

Today our brothers and sisters in Christ at Grand Ledge Baptist Church sent me and my family off on a seven-week renewal. We will miss them all terribly, but we thank God and the body of Christ for this generous and undeserved gift.

GLBC provides its pastors with a seven-week renewal in the midst of their seventh year of ministry. My seventh year began in April 2008. The purpose of this renewal is “a proactive attempt to further the discipling of our pastoral staff by providing an opportunity for our vocational pastors to step away from the persistent pressures and obligations of daily pastoral requirements and expectations to engage in a period of renewal and reflection.” Therefore, the renewal is more than a long vacation, it is an intentional time of growth. Here are some of the things we are doing on our renewal:

Our brothers and sisters at Grand Ledge Baptist Church are so generous and caring. It is a privilege to be one of your pastors and it is impossible to express how much we appreciate this gift. We will miss you all tremendously and look forward to our reunion in August.

I’ll try to post regular updates on our renewal, along with the regular blogs that I may write (my Co-Pastors said blogging is permissible). But, if you don’t see an update for a few days, it is because we are sleeping on the beach!

God bless.

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