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Myanmar and my Molar

I broke a tooth last week and griped a bit. I even had a little pity party about my now missing molar. All the while others from Myanmar and China suffer great loss and devastating hardship. I’m so self centered.

What broke me out of my self-centered pity party was a report from one of our Missionaries from that region of the world. He spoke to a Pastor from Myanmar who is ministering in the Irwawaddy Delta area and as many of us realize, the devastation is great. The Pastor communicated that their most immediate challenges are starvation, shelter, and contagious disease like cholera. Dealing with the dead is secondary. My heart broke and I prayed as I viewed photos taken by the Pastor. Many of the images were truly unbearable, but I chose these two to help give clarity and sober our minds to the level of suffering that is going on there.

This is all this family has.

The Elders are discussing how we at GLBC can help the people of Myanmar. I think most of us could give up part of our stimulus check to help. May the Lord broaden our view of the world and reduce our self centeredness. May He move us away from a preoccupation with ourselves and our own small problems towards loving others.

Pray for Myanmar and China!


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