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Making Announcements

OK, it’s time for some pastoral truth here at Triangular Christianity:  I am terrible at making announcements.  If you come to our church, you probably noticed.  If you  say you didn’t notice, that’s fine – but I’ll know you’re lying.  Anyway, a while ago I stumbled across a blog called Stuff Christians Like. Once in a while I check back there for his humorous posts, and today I saw this one on welcoming first time visitors and it reminded me of making announcements. I like his idea, and might try it next time.  Unless my co-pastors object.  Here’s his suggestion for the welcome:

 “If this is your first time, thanks for coming. Church is kind of weird, isn’t? I mean today we’re going to sing songs to the person we feel breathed into existence the universe and the sea horse. We’re going to learn about the person who we feel is most important but we’ve never actually seen. We’re going to tell you how a book that is thousands of years old can help you have a better day tomorrow in your cubicle at work. And then we’re going to cut you off in the parking lot after church cause we’re still pretty messed up. It’s going to be a little weird today but we hope you’ll come back next week. Because even though it’s weird, it’s also wild and wonderful.”

I dunno – it’s just crazy enough to work.  Modified for my church, of course!

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