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A Missional Order?

Those of us who have an interest in the missional church will be interested in this “missional order.” Those who accept this order “on a weekly basis covenant to be…”

Missional – I will engage in some noteworthy activity that engages and/or enriches my neighborhood or community or city (or world if traveling).

Other-centered – I choose to bless two people in some conscious act of goodness or generosity; at least one person outside my own church community.

Replenishing – I will join with my triad or quad in reading at least five chapters of a NT book, two chapters of an OT book, and at least one chapter of a spiritually-edifying book or article. I will learn to rest as an expression of God’s gift of Sabbath.

Prayerful – I will quiet my soul and spend one uninterrupted hour with God in prayer. I will also pray the Office at least one time per day and if possible meet to pray with someone or pray over the phone or Internet. I will seek to live prayerfully that I might partner with God in His work in and around me.

– I will seek simplicity and beauty in all that I do, understanding that God seeks to create in me the image of His son as a unique expression of His fathering. I will seek to love and rejoice in God’s world as He loves and joys in it.

Hospitable – I will extend or receive hospitality on two occasions (at least once with my church, and once with non-believing friends or with an individual in my home or neighborhood or in a Third Place).

What would our community look like if we all adopted and lived by this order?

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