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Born Again Christians Will Vote Democratic

For most of my Christian life it has been assumed that born again Christians vote Republican. However, Barna reports that times are changing…

(HT: Jesus Creed)

Barna summarizes the last four presidential elections in which born again Christians voted for the Republican candidate. The most lopsided vote was George W. Bush’s 62% to 38% margin over John Kerry.

But today, Barna reports, 40% of born again voters will vote for a Democrat and only 29% for a Republican (28% are undecided). More specifically, most born again voters will vote for Hillary Clinton (20%), Barack Obama (18%), or Mike Huckabee (12%). What is the cause for this change? Barna summarizes:

“Today we have a greater proportion of faith-driven voters who are concerned about issues that are often thought of as ‘liberal’ social policy concerns, such as poverty and health care. Abortion and family protection remain significant issues to the faith constituency, but they are not the only issues that matter to the group – or even the driving issues. Relying upon traditional stereotypes of born again or evangelical voters will not serve candidates well this year.”

Barna does report that evangelicals, a subset of born again Christians, remain solidly Republican.

  1. Doug
    February 10, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Too many “Christians” vote their pocketbooks and not the fundemential beliefs that are put forth in the Bible. They don’t want their comfortable lives disrupted.

  2. joy
    February 26, 2008 at 2:01 pm


    I.E. Last Eight years…This year, it’s about choosing the lesser of two evils…how can we say that either of them are practicing the “fundamental beliefs” put forth in the bible…? Check the republicans’ histories…study to show thyself approved…

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