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Two Milestones

There are special days in a Church’s life and today we experienced two of them. We honored Tim Vandlen for 20 years of ministry and we installed John Lemke as a co-pastor. Both are significant, both are pleasing to the Lord, and both can only be accomplished through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Tim has been at GLBC for 20 years and has led worship with heart and style from day one. 20 years for a worship guy at one church is a rare occurrence – most churches change their worship leaders like GM auto owners change their oil – every 3000 miles or 3 months – whatever comes first. He’s out lasted many pastors and has spanned the many movements and changes in worship music over the years with grace and style. Thanks Tim for your ministry, your dedication, and your heart for leading people in worship.

John was a member of GLBC before he moved away to Oklahoma for his work. God in His unique plan called John into vocational ministry and John and Pattie (and Jace) returned to Michigan to attend seminary in Grand Rapids. In amazing and dramatic fashion, God reconnected John to GLBC through a last minute internship opportunity. One thing led to another and we called him back in November as a co-pastor along with myself and Brian Mclaughlin. I am thankful for the time already spent in ministry with John and I look forward to future ministry together for God’s glory and His Kingdom.

Two milestones, two faithful men, and one God who is over it all.

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  1. Gary
    February 5, 2008 at 12:13 am

    Congratulations, Tim and John!

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