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The Emerging Church and the Kingdom of God

In previous posts I have attempted to describe and comment upon the Emerging Church Movement’s understanding of the kingdom of God. One of my favorite bloggers and authors, Scot McKnight, is currently working through a series on the kingdom. Scot also happens to serve on the Emergent Village Coordinating Group. In a recent comment on his blog, he has nailed a primary concern I have with ECM:

“It’s a bit of a hobby horse for me, but it will be until I get this kingdom series done. I see many today equating “kingdom” with “justice” and defining “justice” by freedom, rights, etc.. So that kingdom becomes working for what is good in this world. Fine. When God’s kingdom comes such things will be manifest.But, I believe kingdom is so tied to faith in Jesus that we are severing kingdom from church, kingdom from Jesus, kingdom from discipleship, and are left with nothing more than the social gospel of Protestant Liberalism. (I am hearing the ghosts of Troeltsch and Rauschenbusch.)”

A hearty AMEN!

  1. Rprudhomme
    January 31, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    I didn’t live through the social gospel era, but I’ve had more than one person share how similar it was to the ECM. I’m not a huge fan of the ECM, I think a missional approach is more Christ centered. However I’m not real worried about the effects of radical ECM folk as they are merely a pendulum swing away from the past. The cycle continues to repeat itself as new generations grow up.

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