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Congo War Rape Victims

I was driving home from my son’s saxophone lesson this evening and listening to Public Radio International’s The World and was deeply impacted by a report on women who have been raped in Congo. I highly recommend you listen to the report (Click on Listen to Report) rather than read it – the voices give a greater reality to the women who are suffering – more than just reading the report.

What struck me most is the pain and suffering that is going on in that part of the world and my relatively safe and comfortable life. During this powerful story my son asked me, “What’s rape?” and I was thankful that my 12 year old son has not yet had to learn the meaning of the word nor do we have the threat of men entering our house and raping my wife and daughter and killing me.

The report is about a hospital that cares for these woman (and little girls) and seeks to help them in medical and spiritual ways. Dr. Mukwege and the hospital seek to care for the entire person. I think you will find a bit of encouragement at the end of the report when the reporter says these words (while the woman sing in the background): A social worker leads the women in a church song in Swahili. In Jesus there is peace the women sing. Whoever has Jesus has peace. I pray that the woman may understand the full message of Jesus and the peace He gives through Dr. Maukwege and other believers there who love like Jesus and share the Gospel.

Pray for Congo. Pray for the women who have been raped. And maybe God will have you do more than pray. Maybe He will have you go.

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  1. Ag
    May 30, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    Is this one of those African’s financial credit cards frauds???????

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