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Christianity Today’s Top 10 Stories of 2007

Christianity Today has posted a list of their top 10 stories of 2007.  The list contains a summary of the top 10 stories and links to more complete coverage.  I highly recommend this summary.

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  1. Jim Congdon
    December 28, 2007 at 6:19 pm

    CT’s list is curious, at best. We can overlook the quirky choice of #1 story (“Taliban takes Korean missions team hostage”) though it’s one that few Christians know–so it won’t affect us greatly, though the editor says that was the basis for the selections. We can even forgive a Billy Graham-founded magazine the qususpicious separation of Ruth Graham’s death (#5: “promoted to glory”!) from the deaths of Jerry Falwell and D.J. Kennedy (#7: “Religious Right lions” who simply “pass away”). But what invalidates the list is that the CT editors appear to have concluded it a month or so ago, for it leaves out two of the biggest events of the year, the gun slayings in Colorado at YWAM and New Life Church, and the November “Stem Cell breakthrough” discovery that human skin cells can behave like embryonic stem cells, so human embryos no longer need to be destroyed. TIME magazine ranks this as the #8 news story of the year in the entire world, but CT overlooks it entirely, while selecting a similar but less significant story (#10: “Supreme Court upholds partial birth abortion ban”).

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