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When Sea Billows Role

I preached on prayer last Sunday, and in some small way, I wanted to prepare our congregation for trouble and trials by looking at Jehoshaphat and his response to impending destruction. He was King of Judah and blessed by God – He did what was right. But trouble came in the shape of a vast army and it is clear that the man he was before the trouble came in 2 Chronicles 20 determined the kind of man he was in the midst of the trouble. He responded in humble dependence and led his people to fast and pray and wait before God.
Let’s face it. Trouble will come, and what we understand about God and who we are before trouble, determines how we walk through the valleys. What we see in how people respond to tragedy grows out of the roots of their life with God previously. It’s important for shepherds to prepare their people for real life and trying to enlarge ones view of God and His sovereign hand when the sea billows are rolling is like hoisting a main sail in a hurricane. It gets a little messy.

People walk through trouble in God honoring ways when they are prepared in advance. Not that we can prepare for every trouble, but the trajectory of the path is radically different when one has a proper view of God and a proper view of one’s self in light of God. Ironically, it is a proper view of previous trials (even if we learned after it was over) that help us for the next valley and what is more painful is that in many cases a poor response to trials and troubles multiplies the pain and the need for more teaching from the Lord.

So, let me encourage you to read 2 Chronicles 20 and the chapter before and after. And then read John Piper’s Taste and See article When Satan Hurts Christ’s People. I found it to be very helpful and just may help you when the sea billows role in your life.

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