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Can We Have a Mormon President?

This morning’s New York Times reveals that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney “seeks ties to the Christian right” (for those just tuning in, Mitt Romney is a Mormon). The article describes Romney’s proclamation of Jesus as his personal savior, his frequent Bible quoting, and his connection to evangelical Pastor Rick Warren. But, the article asks, will evangelicals vote for a Mormon?

The Times points out that Mormons and conservative evangelicals have significant differences in theology. One example is the Mormon denial of the Trinity. But, Mormons and conservative evangelicals have significant similarities in “family values” and other social issues important to evangelicals.

So where does this leave us “conservative evangelicals”? I wonder about a few things…

  1. Does the faith (or lack thereof) of the President matter?
  2. Do evangelicals place too much faith and hope in having a Christian in the Oval Office?
  3. Do evangelicals have to vote Republican?
  4. What does all of this say about our theology and our understanding of the Kingdom of God?
  1. Larry
    October 16, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    There are many more signficant differences between Evangelical Christians and Mormons

    1. They deny the diety of Jesus.
    2. The have added to the Bible and consider Book of Morman equally.
    3. They believe God was a man at one time, and that we all have to potential of becoming a God.
    4. They excile persons who leave their faith from friends and family.

    The Mormons have all the indications of a cult. I believe that is a significant issue in the selection of the President of the United States.

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