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I Love Senior Citizens!

Today I had lunch with about 30 Senior Citizens . . . and I loved every moment. We have a monthly lunch gathering with our seniors at Grand Ledge Baptist Church where we eat, fellowship, pray, and contemplate the goodness of God. It’s always a great time for me to connect with, hug, and encourage some of our older people.

In a day and age where older people are pushed to the edges and marginalized, I want our church to be a place where the young and old live, serve, and glorify God together. I must say that we have the greatest group of older people and this makes ministry a joy. A couple get grumpy here and there, but by far the best any church can offer. They roll with change, they serve, they pray, and they are an integral part of the fabric of believers here at GLBC.
The best place this is seen is Moms & More. This outreach ministry could not exist in any way shape or form if wasn’t for our seniors. We have ninety women and their children who come every Friday during the school year to a large group gathering or a small group Bible Study and our Seniors serve them with hearts full of joy. The older gentlemen do valet parking and help the moms in with their children, and the older ladies (many of them widows) give the moms a safe and friendly place to drop off their children. This ministry is a success because of the many Seniors who invest their time and effort. Many women have come to faith because of it – for this I am thankful to God.

So, let me give grateful thanks to God for each and every one of our Seniors. May God continue to use you for His glory in His Church.

  1. Jill Ford
    October 4, 2007 at 7:49 am

    I agree. We cannot do it without them.

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